In the night of Monday (Dec. 7th) to Tuesday (Dec. 8th) between 1:00 and 6:00 we will upgrade the router at our RUG Rekenhal POP. Impact is limited to IP Access locations and IP Transit customers on this POP.

Maintenance window

01:00-04:00 on 8th of December 2015.


We will upgrade the router to allow planned network upgrades.


The router at the RUG Rekenhal POP will be unavailable for 30min-60min. Interconnects to Community Network and IP Transit customers can be interrupted after main service has been restored due to rewiring. Customers with (multi-site) high availability environments are not impacted operationally.

Further information

If you have any questions concerning the maintenance or have special requests please contact us.

Update 8 december 2015

Maintenance was succesfully completed.

Impact was between 2:00-3:00, for most services around 15 min total. At 3:40 everything was confirmed ok and maintenance complete.