Planned maintenance virtual servers TCN (01:00-06:00 27 NOV 2015)

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    Herman Bos
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In the night of Thursday (Nov. 26th) to Friday (Nov. 27th) between 1:00 and 6:00 we will perform maintenance to the virtual server infrastructure at location TCN.

####Maintenance window 01:00-06:00 on 27th of November 2015

####Description Virtual server infrastructure will be upgraded to a new major software release. Due to the major version upgrade and incompatibility between versions servers will experience downtime for 15-60 minutes


Virtual servers will be offline for ~15 minutes (up to 60 minutes worst case). The update will be pushed in a “rolling” fashion, node by node to minimize impact for multi server setups.

Customers with (multi-site) high availability environments are not impacted operationally.

Further information

If you have any questions concerning the maintenance or have special requests please contact us.

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