We specialize in high availability hosting of open source, Linux based technology stacks. Multi data center deployments are the default. Active with security. Wide in-depth experience with a variety of open source components. OSSO is ISO27001 and NEN certified.

Engineering & Support

  • 24/7 incident response
  • Active Monitoring
  • High Availability design
  • Operations & SRE support
  • Managed Kubernetes


  • Bare metal and virtualized servers
  • Block storage: custom volumes for virtual servers
  • Object storage: Swift + S3 compatible object storage
  • Backups: offsite backups, customized data retention

Developer support

  • Troubleshooting and architecture design
  • Harbor: container registry, CVE scanning
  • Load balancer: multi-site IPv4 + IPv6
  • VPN: to your private management network
  • IPSEC: interconnect your network with other parties
  • CDN: use our caching and burst capabilities
osso network design.

Network Properties

  • 10G/25G/100G port options
  • Cumulus Linux / Open Networking
  • ECMP, Routing on the Host (RoH)

Network services

  • Ingress/Load balancer service
  • Egress/NAT gateway service
  • Private Loadbalancers
  • CDN service

Interconnects to 3rd party infra

  • Connect privately to public clouds
  • Connect over DC-Spine
  • Connect over VPN/IPSEC
  • Connect on POP location