Open source

De vele open source projecten en ontwikkelaars die daaraan bijdragen zorgen voor innovatie. OSSO maakt veelvuldig gebruik van open source software, draagt hier aan bij en heeft een aantal projecten gecreëerd.

  • Do you want to store and share passwords? With pstore you store the encrypted passwords on a remote server. All encryption is done locally by the command line interface, so the server never sees your unencrypted passwords. Updated a month ago

  • Command line SIP dialog matching and searching through offline PCAPs. A.k.a. the command line Wireshark for SIP. Updated 3 ages ago

  • Python blocking/suspending signals under Linux/OSX using ctypes sigprocmask access. Updated 3 months ago

Loadbalancer maintenance 22nd february 2017 by Jordi de Wal , 13 Feb 2017

Mysql / deterministic / reads sql data by Walter Doekes , 16 Dec 2016

Availability during holiday December 2016 by Herman Bos , 14 Dec 2016

Patch-a-day / pdns-recursor / broken edns lookups by Walter Doekes , 01 Dec 2016

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