Internet connectivity issue. (31/3/2014)

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    Herman Bos
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This morning we experienced packet loss on one of our links. After rerouting the traffic the problem was resolved. Only routes over the GN-IX were affected.


  • 12:15 first notification of the packetloss.
  • 12:36 - 12:40 Hickups in the internet connectivity due to rerouting of traffic.
  • after 12:40 No more issues for our customers.
  • Offhour followup re-enable temporary disabled links and rebalance traffic.

Background information

The issue occurred because GN-IX hit its capacity limit on their links between Groningen and Amsterdam. They stretched their peering VLAN to Amsterdam over this link and because of a MLPA on both sides some networks had our router over the GN-IX links as a preferred route. This created some packet loss from some networks to our network. Outgoing impact was very limited since we do little outgoing traffic on the GN-IX.

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