FreeBSD fix/cheat sheet

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    Herman Bos
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For me, using FreeBSD is still a bit like eating soup with a fork. Everything seems to make perfect sense but when I get to work I feel crippled and get annoyed by small differences with a GNU/Linux environment.

A post to reduce the horror. The examples below work for a clean FreeBSD 10 install. This post is mostly useful for Linux users. I welcome additional tips.

software management

You can now use pkg which is quite friendly.

pkg -h

Similar to Linux packagemanagement tools in usage.

One fancy thing I would love to see in Ubuntu/Debian is something similar to pkg audit.

pkg audit checks installed packages for known vulnerabilities and generates reports including references to security advisories.

Add it in the monitoring and know when you are vulnerable.

pkg audit -F
pkg audit


pkg install vim-lite
echo "set nocompatible" >> ~/.vimrc


pkg install bash
chsh -s /usr/local/bin/bash

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