mysql / replicating repair table

mysql / replicating repair table

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From the MySQL 5.1 manual: Replication and REPAIR TABLE
When used on a corrupted or otherwise damaged table, it is possible for the REPAIR TABLE statement to delete rows that cannot be recovered. However, any such modifications of table data performed by this statement are not replicated, which can cause master and slave to lose synchronization. For this reason, in the event that a table on the master becomes damaged and you use REPAIR TABLE to repair it, you should first stop replication (if it is still running) before using REPAIR TABLE, then afterward compare the master’s and slave’s copies of the table and be prepared to correct any discrepancies manually, before restarting replication.

Sounds like a pain the behind to have to do manually, especially if you have data updates in one of the two Master-Master replicated machines.

But that is not the point with my quote. The point is:
If REPAIR TABLE does nothing to ensure that two copies are identical, then why on earth does it replicate the REPAIR TABLE statement at all?

Because that was all I wanted to know: does REPAIR TABLE get replicated?

Logical answer: no

Actual answer: yes

Beware.. and be prepared to skip a couple of statements.

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