Planned maintenance 13 Feb 2016

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    Herman Bos
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In the night of Friday (Feb. 12th) to Saturday (Feb. 13th) between 1:00 and 2:00 our co-location provider will perform maintenance on the PDU’s in one of our racks.

Customers we consider to be directly affected (bare metal servers) will receive an additional notification. Outside of that it’s mostly OSSO infrastructure services that are affected.

####Maintenance window 01:00-02:00 on 13th of Februari 2016.

####Description The PDU’s of one of the racks will be taken into service one by one (A and B feed). One of our engineers will be on site during this maintenance.


No impact is expected since the feeds will be taken into service one by one. If any server experiences PSU or power failure we are on site to act on this immediately.

Further information

If you have any questions concerning the maintenance or have special requests please contact us.

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