Planned maintenance 22 August 2016

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    Herman Bos
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In the night of Monday (August. 22nd) to Tuesday (August. 23rd) between 23:45 and 06:00 we will perform network maintenance on our core network.

####Maintenance window Monday (August. 22nd) to Tuesday (August. 23rd) between 23:45 and 06:00 (CEST)

####Description One of the core routers (CR2) at TCN will be relocated to a new rack to allow further expansion on this site and make some desired improvements in the meantime.


During the maintenance, routing will be adjusted to free CR2 of traffic.

Directly connected customers will be notified privately. Layer2 connected customers will experience a short disruption due to spanning tree changes, more information on this will follow.

Increased chance for short service disruptions due to changes in network. Changes which carry a higher risk of causing a disruption are carried out after 01:00.

Further information

If you have any questions concerning the maintenance or have special requests, please contact us.

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