converting unprintable pdf / imagemagick

converting unprintable pdf / imagemagick

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    Walter Doekes
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Okay, so we all know that printers are sent from hell, but we still need to use them from time to time.

Today, we were trying to print a PDF document with bar codes on it. Amazingly enough, the text on the PDF looked fine, but the bar codes (images) appeared as if they were wrapped at the wrong place.

Luckily, convert(1) from ImageMagick came to the rescue:

$ convert -density 300 -define pdf:fit-page=A4 input.pdf output.pdf

a photo of the printer output of input.pdf andoutput.pdf vimdiff output of pdfinfo on input.pdf andoutput.pdf

Although I still have no idea what the cause was, the result is something usable. Thanks, ImageMagick!

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