python / twisted / exec environment

python / twisted / exec environment

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Does Python Twisted pass the parent environment to child processes?

By default no, but if you pass env=None then it does. Ergo, default is env={}.

Let’s build a quick example. For those unfamiliar with twisted this may provide a quick intro.

import os
from twisted.internet import protocol, reactor, utils

This is what we’re going to “run”:

proc = ['/bin/sh', '-c', 'export']
#kwargs = {'env': None}
kwargs = {}

A quick way to show output and end after the 2 runs.

done = 0
def on_output(data):
    global done
    print data
    done += 1
    if done == 2:

Spawning a process, the regular way.

class MyProcessProtocol(protocol.ProcessProtocol):
    def outReceived(self, data):
reactor.spawnProcess(MyProcessProtocol(), proc[0], proc, **kwargs)

Spawning a process, the easier way. Observe that you’re not supposed to pass argv[0] explicitly here. Not very intuitive…

deferred = utils.getProcessOutput(proc[0], proc[1:], **kwargs)

Lastly, fire it up.

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