ubuntu bionic / crashing gdm / eglgetdisplay by Walter Doekes , 11 Apr 2018

After upgrading from Ubuntu 17.10 to Ubuntu 18.04, and rebooting, the GNOME Display Manager (gdm) went into a restart loop. No promised speed gains. Instead, I got an unusable desktop.

ubuntu / goodbye unity / welcome gnome-shell by Walter Doekes , 01 Feb 2018

After having gotten used to Unity on the Ubuntu desktop, with Ubuntu Artful it is time to say goodbye. When Ubuntu first added the Unity shell with just the sidebar with big buttons, in favor of the more traditional GNOME with its Windows 95 style interface, many were skeptical, me ...

ubuntu zesty / apt / dns timeout / srv records by Walter Doekes , 18 May 2017

Ever since I updated from Ubuntu/Yakkety to Zesty, my apt-get(1) would sit and wait a while before doing actual work:

patch-a-day / pdns-recursor / broken edns lookups by Walter Doekes , 01 Dec 2016

Last month, our e-mail exchange (Postfix) started having trouble delivering mail to certain destinations. These destinations all appeared to be using Microsoft Office 365 for their e-mail. What was wrong? Who was to blame? And how to fix it?

patch-a-day / dovecot / broken mime parts / xenial by Walter Doekes , 30 Nov 2016

At times, Dovecot started spewing messages into dovecot.log about a corrupted index cache file because of “Broken MIME parts”. This happened on Ubuntu/Xenial with dovecot_2.2.22-1ubuntu2.2:

Recap2018 by Herman Bos , 10 Dec 2018

Gbp buildpackage / gpg2 by Walter Doekes , 08 Nov 2018

Kubectl / broken terminal / ipython by Walter Doekes , 20 Sep 2018

Vimrc / debian stretch by Walter Doekes , 19 Sep 2018

Core file / docker image / auplink by Walter Doekes , 18 Sep 2018

Ubuntu bionic / crashing gdm / eglgetdisplay by Walter Doekes , 11 Apr 2018

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