gdb / backtrace / running process by Walter Doekes , 06 Sep 2011

Sometimes you want a backtrace or a core dump from a process that you do not want to stall. This could concern a multithreaded application of which some threads are still doing important work (like handling customer calls). Firing up gdb would halt the process for as long as you're ...

mocp / random / enqueue by Walter Doekes , 12 Jul 2011

After disk failure on our company music server, I lost my enqueue-some-random-music-script.

executing remote command / ssh / extra escaping by Walter Doekes , 09 Jun 2011

If you use ssh to run commands remotely, you may have run into the problem that you need an extra layer of escaping.

django / query expression / negate by Walter Doekes , 08 Jun 2011

Suppose you have an is_enabled boolean in your Django model.

faxable images / asterisk pbx by Walter Doekes , 30 Nov 2010

Because creating images that the open source PBX Asterisk(tm) will properly fax using the SendFAX() application, was a pain in the ass, I'd like to share my findings.

Recap2018 by Herman Bos , 10 Dec 2018

Gbp buildpackage / gpg2 by Walter Doekes , 08 Nov 2018

Kubectl / broken terminal / ipython by Walter Doekes , 20 Sep 2018

Vimrc / debian stretch by Walter Doekes , 19 Sep 2018

Core file / docker image / auplink by Walter Doekes , 18 Sep 2018

Ubuntu bionic / crashing gdm / eglgetdisplay by Walter Doekes , 11 Apr 2018

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