missing sofiles / linker / asterisk / pjsip by Walter Doekes , 21 Feb 2016

When compiling Asterisk with a PJProject debianized using the debian/ directory to Ubuntu/Trusty, I got the following compile error:

python / xinetd / virtualenv by Walter Doekes , 12 Feb 2016

So, while developing a server application for a client, my colleague Harm decided it would be a waste of our programming time to add TCP server code.

backtrace / without debugger by Walter Doekes , 12 Sep 2011

You may not always have gdb(1) at hand. Here are a couple of other options at your disposal.

gdb / backtrace / running process by Walter Doekes , 06 Sep 2011

Sometimes you want a backtrace or a core dump from a process that you do not want to stall. This could concern a multithreaded application of which some threads are still doing important work (like handling customer calls). Firing up gdb would halt the process for as long as you're ...

Recap2018 by Herman Bos , 10 Dec 2018

Gbp buildpackage / gpg2 by Walter Doekes , 08 Nov 2018

Kubectl / broken terminal / ipython by Walter Doekes , 20 Sep 2018

Vimrc / debian stretch by Walter Doekes , 19 Sep 2018

Core file / docker image / auplink by Walter Doekes , 18 Sep 2018

Ubuntu bionic / crashing gdm / eglgetdisplay by Walter Doekes , 11 Apr 2018

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