letsencrypt / expiry mails / unsubscribe by Walter Doekes , 03 Jun 2017

Today I got one of these Letsencrypt Expiry mails again. It looks like this:

puppet / pip_version / facter by Walter Doekes , 30 May 2017

Every once in a while I have to deal with machines provisioned by puppet.

ubuntu zesty / apt / dns timeout / srv records by Walter Doekes , 18 May 2017

Ever since I updated from Ubuntu/Yakkety to Zesty, my apt-get(1) would sit and wait a while before doing actual work:

squashing old git history by Walter Doekes , 13 May 2017

You may have an internal project that you wish to open source. When starting the project, you didn't take that into account, so it's likely to contain references to private data that you do not wish to share.

detect invisible selection / copy buffer / chrome by Walter Doekes , 26 Jan 2017

In Look before you paste from a website to terminal the author rightly warns us about carelessly pasting any input from a web page into the terminal.

Recap2018 by Herman Bos , 10 Dec 2018

Gbp buildpackage / gpg2 by Walter Doekes , 08 Nov 2018

Kubectl / broken terminal / ipython by Walter Doekes , 20 Sep 2018

Vimrc / debian stretch by Walter Doekes , 19 Sep 2018

Core file / docker image / auplink by Walter Doekes , 18 Sep 2018

Ubuntu bionic / crashing gdm / eglgetdisplay by Walter Doekes , 11 Apr 2018

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